Hearing Aids

L.A. Care covers hearing aids if you are tested for hearing loss, the hearing aids are medically necessary, and you have a prescription from your doctor. Coverage is limited to the lowest cost aid that meets your medical needs. L.A. Care will cover one hearing aid unless an aid for each ear is needed for results much better than you can get with one aid.

Hearing aids for Members under age 21

In Los Angeles County, state law requires children who need hearing aids to be referred to the California Children’s Services (CCS) program to decide if the child qualifies for CCS. If the child qualifies for CCS, CCS will cover the costs for medically necessary hearing aids. If the child does not qualify for CCS, we will cover medically necessary hearing aids as part of Medi-Cal coverage.

Hearing aids for Members age 21 and older

Under Medi-Cal, we cover the following for each covered hearing aid:

  • Ear molds needed for fitting
  • One standard battery package
  • Visits to make sure the aid is working right
  • Visits for cleaning and fitting your hearing aid
  • Repair of your hearing aid

Under Medi-Cal, we will cover a replacement hearing aid if:

  • Your hearing loss is such that your current hearing aid is not able to correct it
  • Your hearing aid is lost, stolen, or broken and cannot be fixed and it was not your fault. You must give us a note that tells us how this happened.

For adults age 21 and older, Medi-Cal does not include:

  • Replacement hearing aid batteries

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