Community Health Services

L.A. Care provides Community Supports, medically appropriate and cost-effective services and settings, to address Members’ health-related social needs. Community Supports are intended to help Members lead healthier lives and avoid higher, more costly levels of care. These services include: 

  1. Asthma Remediation
  2. Environmental Accessibility Adaptations (Home Modifications)
  3. Day Habilitation Programs (Launching on July 1, 2024)
  4. Housing Deposits
  5. Housing Transition Navigation Services
  6. Housing Tenancy and Sustaining Services
  7. Meals As Medicine
  8. Personal Care and Homemaker Services
  9. Recuperative Care (Medical Respite)
  10. Respite Services
  11. Sobering Centers
  12. Short-Term Post-Hospitalization Housing (Launching on July 1, 2024)
  13. Nursing Facility Transition/Diversion to Assisted Living Facilities
  14. Community Transition Services/Nursing Facility Transition to a Home

L.A. Care also offers other Community Health services, which you may learn more about below. 


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Community Health Worker (CHW) services

Preventive health services delivered to prevent disease, disability, and other health conditions or their progression; to prolong life; and to promote physical and mental health.

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Housing Transition Navigation Services & Housing Tenancy and Sustaining Services

Includes services to help members who are homeless find housing and maintain safe and stable tenancy

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Recuperative Care

Short-term residential care for individuals experiencing homelessness and need to heal from an injury or illness

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Meals As Medicine

Home-delivered meal program that aims to improve health outcomes and address barriers associated with food insecurity

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Housing Deposits

Assists with identifying, coordinating, securing, or funding one-time services and modifications necessary to establish a basic household that do not constitute room and board

What is Housing Deposits?

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Sobering Centers

Alternative destinations for individuals who are found to be publicly intoxicated and would otherwise be transported to the emergency department or jail

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Personal Care and Homemaker Services

Supports individuals who need assistance with daily activities, such as bathing, getting dressed, personal hygiene, cooking and eating

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Respite Services

Short-term services provided to caregivers of those who require occasional temporary supervision to give relief to the caregiver

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Environmental Accessibility Adaptations (Home Modifications)

Physical adaptations to a home to ensure the health and safety of the Member and may include ramps and grab bars

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Asthma Remediation

Physical modifications to a home environment to protect against acute asthma episodes.

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Nursing Facility Transition/Diversion to Assisted Living Facilities

Nursing Facility Transition/Diversion services assist individuals to live in the community and/or avoid institutionalization when possible.

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Community Transition Services/Nursing Facility Transition to a Home

Non-recurring set-up expenses for individuals who are transitioning from a nursing home to a home setting in a private residence.

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Community Health Services Upcoming Launches

L.A. Care will launch additional Community Health services in 2024.

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