Social Media Guidelines

Last Updated: April 05, 2021

The purpose of L.A. Care Authorized Social Media accounts is to connect with the community, to provide information on L.A. Care events, and to share other relevant content. By posting any content to any L.A. Care Authorized Social Media Account on the internet, you accept the following terms of use, as well as any other terms required by the company that owns and operates the underlying Social Media platform (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

L.A. Care encourages Social Media User comments; however, please do not include any medical, personal or confidential information in your comments and/or messages. L.A. Care will moderate/delete comments on its Social Media accounts as necessary to prevent medical, personal and confidential information from being posted on this site. In addition, L.A. Care will remove all spam, hate speech, personal attacks, and profane, obscene, vulgar, threatening, violent, harassing, or discriminatory comments from its Social Media accounts, and may block Social Media Users who repeatedly post such content.

L.A. Care may delete, remove, or hide comments and/or posts, or block Social Media Users who make comments, posts, and/or tags that:
  • include fraudulent, inappropriate, inaccurate, false, libelous, or misleading information about it, its Employees and/or Associates, including volunteers, Community Advisory Committee members, Board Members, contractors, or its competitors
  • are disparaging in nature or include offensive, inflammatory, sexual, or inappropriate commentary or content
  • include profanity or are defamatory, abusive, discriminatory, or demeaning
  • contain threats or suggest violence or illegal behavior
  • include personal information such as email addresses, last names, phone numbers, account numbers, or any confidential information such as Social Security numbers
  • spam, solicit, advertise, promote, or endorse any commercial, financial, political, or governmental organization
  • include marketing messages or URLs to external sites for promotional purposes
  • violate another's copyright or intellectual property
  • are excessively repetitive
  • include proprietary, confidential, sensitive, or non-public information
  • contain links to any type of virus, spyware, or malware
  • purport to act on behalf of or represent L.A. Care
  • are posted under an identity that is not that of the person making the post
  • include financial recommendations

L.A. Care may update these guidelines at any time, without notice.