L.A. Care Celebrates Black History Month Through a Number of Insightful and Engaging Events

L.A. Care Health Plan, the largest publicly operated health plan in the country, is celebrating Black History Month, which was created to focus attention on the contributions of African-Americans to society. The health plan is hosting and sponsoring a number events, each with a goal of either providing information on important healthcare services for our members and their communities or providing cultural enrichment and educational experiences.

On February 28, L.A. Care is hosting a Social Media Live event titled Navigating Maternal Health. The event aims to increase awareness about maternal health issues and the infant and maternal mortality rate in the African American community. The event will also educate the audience about doulas, a relatively new Medi-Cal benefit that L.A. Care members are able to access. Viewers will also learn about other resources available in Los Angeles County for those who are pregnant or have recently delivered. The event, which will feature Kristin Schlater, the manager of L.A. Care’s doula program, will be on all of L.A. Care’s social channels – Facebook, X, LinkedIn and Instagram, at 12:00 pm.

Among the community events L.A. Care is supporting in honor of Black History Month is the 8th annual Los Angeles Black History Month Festival at Pan Pacific Park. The festival, being held on February 18, is a family friendly daytime event filled with music, food and a marketplace. There will be guest speakers engaging in community forums delving into crucial topics that impact the Black community. Discussion topics will include mental health and wellness, nutrition, and preventive care.

The health plan is also sponsoring an event on black maternal health being hosted by the new Center for Reproductive Science, Health and Education at UCLA. The February 29 event is part of the Center’s Distinguished Speaker Series, and it will feature Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly Mitchell and Elaine Batchlor, MD, CEO of MLK Community Healthcare. Kristin Schlater will also be speaking about the L.A. Care doula program at this event.

Earlier in the month, L.A. Care supported Yaba TV’s 18th Black History Month Festival in Long Beach, which included though-provoking discussions and a vibrant showcase of African-American culture. It was an opportunity to honor and commemorate the contributions of African-Americans throughout history.

L.A. Care views its support of Black History Month events as an important step in its commitment to advancing health equity in Los Angeles County, which means everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible.