Louise McCarthy

"L.A. Care connects the safety net to form a more cohesive fabric of care for the most vulnerable."

LA's nonprofit Community Clinics and Health Centers have been close partners with L.A. Care Health Plan from its initial development to its present day operations. We work with L.A. Care on many levels: as providers within the L.A. Care network improving access to quality care; as allies in policy and advocacy at the County, State and Federal levels; as partners in training, technical assistance and support to ensure a robust safety net; and as Governors of the plan, working to ensure it achieves its mission and vision. 

Health is a basic human right. In LA County, we've long been challenged to ensure that our residents have access to that most fundamental human need. 
Our organizations were both formed amid civil unrest and the financial collapse of our public health system. Over the past twenty years, L.A. Care, in partnership with the clinics, has worked to expand access to quality health care for all Angelenos. It hasn't been easy, but our work has paid off: CCALAC has gone from 29 community clinics and health centers to 60 organizations with 350 sites and over 1.5 million patients each year. LA's community clinics and health centers now serve 15% of LA's population, and L.A. Care covers nearly 1 in 5 LA residents. 

Beyond our reach in numbers, it is our common mission and vision that affect our impact. We both envision a healthy community in which all have access to the health care they need, and a vibrant safety net that enables this to happen.


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