L.A. Care's Footprint in the Community


Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, Chairman

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
Affiliation: Board of Governors Member

The work of L.A. Care matters. For two decades, L.A. Care has significantly strengthened the safety net in Los Angeles County by developing new programs through innovative partnerships designed to provide health coverage to vulnerable populations and to support the safety net.

Deaka McClain

Affiliation: Member

Being a member of L.A. Care allows me to be a voice for other members and put advocacy into action. Ultimately, it helps me too. Every time I speak for others, I am also speaking for myself. It's truly empowering. And as a person with a disability, I feel very fortunate that I'm part of a health plan that's willing to meet my needs.

Amanda Wolarik, Manager, Product Service Excellence

Affiliation: L.A. Care Employee

It has been an exceptionally rewarding experience both professionally and personally, knowing at the end of the day we've made difference in someone's life

Rigo J. Saborio, President and CEO

St. Barnabas Senior Services
Affiliation: Community Partner

Our collaboration with L.A. Care has resulted in greater knowledge of services, access to resources, streamlined service delivery and strengthened advocacy for older adults in Los Angeles County. SBSS is proud to partner with exemplary leaders such as L.A. Care.

G. Michael Roybal, MD, MPH, Safety Net Provider

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services
Affiliation: Board of Governors Member

I have worked with LA Care as a safety net provider in the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services in its network since 2001 and as a member of the Board of Governors since 2011. L.A. Care is a pivotal part in providing quality health care to the citizens of Los Angeles County through its Community Benefit program. The awarding of grants to my organization to improve customer service to patients, provide necessary Americans with Disabilities Act compliant equipment, and expand access to colon cancer screening for adult patients are just three examples of how L.A. Care has sought to improve the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Los Angeles County.

Julie Miller-Phipps, President

Kaiser Permanente - Southern California Region
Affiliation: Plan Partners

Kaiser Permanente congratulates L.A. Care for its 20 years of dedication to strengthening community health by broadening access to high-quality, affordable care. We have a long-standing relationship with L.A. Care that goes back to its launch in 1997 when we became an official partner. Today, our partnership allows nearly 200,000 people from some of the most vulnerable populations in LA County to have access to our great physicians and our great care.

Dr. Robert Tranquada, Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Public Policy

University of Southern California
Affiliation: Former Board of Governors Member

L.A. Care has made extraordinarily productive contributions to the improvement of access to health care for millions of LA County's uninsured and underinsured population.

James Cook, Founder and CEO

Antelope Valley Community Clinic
Affiliation: L.A. Care Community Access Network Direct Provider

Without LA Care's initial start -up funding, Antelope Valley's Health Leadership may have never realized its dream to greatly expand primary care health services to this vastly underserved community which even today has some of the poorest health indicators in all of LA County. Thanks to L.A. Care's grant of $500,000, we opened the first community health center and look alike federally qualified health center in the in the Antelope Valley. Since then, we have worked closely with L.A. Care to provide clinical services for 35,000 LA County Medi-Cal and uninsured residents. In addition to the original grant, LA Care has provided almost annual grants to expand services including dental, mental health and substance abuse programs. Without L.A. Care, none of this would be possible.


Affiliation: Member

I have been an L.A. Care Medi-Cal member for about three years. My life has been deeply impacted by my healthcare coverage. Before I got on L.A. Care, I hadn't seen a doctor in at least eight years. When I went to the doctor, she discovered that I had a chronic autoimmune illness. When treated, that illness can be managed rather easily, but if I hadn't had treatment, it could have eventually become fatal. Additionally, as a transgender person, I have benefitted a great deal from gender confirmation services covered under my L.A. Care plan, including surgery and hormones. I am much happier and healthier than I was three years ago. I take better care of my health and I feel better in my body. All of this was made possible through my L.A. Care coverage. Without L.A. Care, I would probably still have an unmanaged autoimmune illness, and even if I had been able to find hormones, I never would have been able to afford gender confirmation surgery. There's no doubt in my mind that L.A. Care has improved my life. I highly recommend L.A. Care to everyone I know who thinks they might qualify. The current threat of repeal of the ACA scares me a lot - if LA Care has changed my life this much, I know it must have been life changing for many other people as well. I hope that Medi-Cal and L.A. Care keep providing exceptional coverage to people in vulnerable situations.

Les Ybarra, Executive Director

Anthem Blue Cross
Affiliation: Plan Partners

Over the course of my career at Anthem Blue Cross, I have dedicated 17 years serving the most vulnerable, low income populations in Los Angeles County. Our work is imperative to ensuring that Medi-Cal beneficiaries have access to quality and culturally competent health care with trusted and caring solutions. Highlights of my history with L.A. Care include implementing the Medi-Cal optional expansion in 2014 and transitioning of Seniors and People with Disabilities to Medi-Cal Managed Care in 2012.

Paul Markovich, President and CEO

Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan/Care1st
Affiliation: Plan Partners

For 20 years, L.A. Care and Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan/Care1st have shared a common mission to ensure high-quality, affordable health care for all Californians. We are proud to be working with LA Care as we serve our members and from all of us, we congratulate you on your 20 years of service and dedication to our communities!

Paul Gregerson, MD, Chief Medical Officer

JWCH Institute
Affiliation: Provider/clinic/grantee

Over the past 20 years, L.A. Care has been instrumental in expanding and strengthening the safety net in Los Angeles County. This has been evidenced in countless ways, but most notably by its ongoing implementation of additional programs and through community grant-making. JWCH Institute and its patients have been key beneficiaries of L.A. Care's collaborative nature and generosity during its 20 year existence.

Louise McCarthy, MPP, President and CEO

Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County
Affiliation: L. A. Care Board of Governors Member

Health is a basic human right. In LA County, we've long been challenged to ensure that our residents have access to that most fundamental human need. Over the past twenty years, L.A. Care, in partnership with the clinics, has worked to expand access to quality health care for all Angelenos. It hasn't been easy, but our work has paid off.

Josh Kruskol, Director of Development and Communications

The Achievable Foundation
Affiliation: Community Partner

L.A Care has been a forerunner in expanding access for patients to a wide variety of services through very complex channels.

Stephanie Lee, Supervising Attorney

Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County

L.A. Care has invested in wide-ranging and innovative efforts to improve the delivery of health services to the County's Medi-Cal population.