Josh Kruskol

"L.A Care has been a forerunner in expanding access for patients to a wide variety of services through very complex channels."

"Achievable has been partnering with L.A. Care since before we opened our doors four years ago! L.A. Care was one of our first partners and funders when our first of its kind FQHC was just a concept. L.A. Care helped us hire our first physician and patient care coordinator. 

Achievable is a unique facility offering high quality, culturally tailored care to one of the most vulnerable populations, individuals with I/DD. We were created because too many of our community members were suffering due to poor access to health care. Too often individuals with I/DD are misdiagnosed because doctors only look at their disability, or they are traumatized from physicians' visits, so they avoid doctors. Achievable creates an environment where these patients can get care. In addition to seeing patients with I/DD Achievable sees numerous other vulnerable populations, from non-English speakers to those living well under the poverty level. L.A. Care is the largest provider of Medi-Cal managed care in our health center. They are a vital partner to providing high quality care to the vulnerable populations Achievable serves in L.A. County.

Over the last four years working with L.A. Care, we have been impressed by L.A. Care's capability of administrating half of the Medi-Cal HMO members in LA County. L.A. Care has done so well in having a variety of insurance plans as partners through Medi-Cal, Covered CA, and commercial insurance through employment. L.A Care has been a forerunner in expanding access for patients to a wide variety of services through very complex channels. This has been typical of L.A. Care's efforts in LA. County, working on more ways to expand access to services and increase quality to those served by the safety net here in L.A. County.

One highlight from our partnership is when a prospective patient with a developmental disability and his mother contacted our health center.  The mother of the family said their current doctor was not a good fit because the doctor didn't have experience dealing with a person with the level special needs her child had.  Our patient care coordinator was called-in to assist with switching the child's primary care physician to Achievable. The mother and patient care coordinator contacted LA Care and together they were able to re-assign her child to one of our providers. The mother was extremely grateful that we had this service to help her child who had so many complex issues. LA. Care's ability to work with our staff is one of the strengths of the organization.


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