Smoke Free Tobacco Cessation Program

Are you ready to quit smoking?

  • Cigarette smoking causes one in five deaths.
  • It increases the risk for death from all causes in men and women.
  • Smokers are more likely than nonsmokers to get heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer.
  • Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body and affects a person's overall health.

Quitting smoking is hard to do but you can do it! Quitting smoking lowers your risk for smoking-related diseases and can add years to your life. 

L.A. Care's Smoke Free Tobacco Cessation Program can help you quit smoking. The Smoke Free Tobacco Program provides resources and support for members who are ready to quit smoking.

Members who have identified as smokers will get a mailer with:

  • A Health Education brochure
  • A list of community-based resources and programs for tobacco cessation
  • The California Smokers' Helpline toll-free phone number
  • My Health in Motion flyer on how to access L.A. Care's online smoking cessation resources

A Health Education staff will also follow up with members to do a survey and to connect them with any needed resources. Call L.A. Care's Health Education Department at 1-855-856-6943 to learn more about the Smoke Free Tobacco Program.

Taking this step to reduce or quit smoking, will save your life.