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Advancing Health Equity for Members & Communities

L.A. Care's Commitment to Health Equity

L.A. Care is committed to advancing health equity for our members and their communities. By health equity, we mean everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible.

Health Equity Work

L.A. Care’s Health Equity Action Plan involves a number of internal and external efforts:

Organizational Structure

  • Adopting an official Statement of Principles on Social Justice and Systemic Racism.
  • Creating a Quality, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Medical Director position to prioritize and oversee the health plan’s equity, diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • Implementing an Equity Council Steering Committee with three subcommittees focused on Members, Providers & Vendors, and Employees.
  • Training all L.A. Care leadership and staff on Diversity and Inclusion, including concepts of implicit bias and cultural humility.
  • Launching a health equity disparities education campaign for employees.
  • Following best practices for recruiting a diverse workforce.



  • Addressing the underrepresentation of racial and ethnic minorities among health professionals by expanding on L.A. Care’s Elevating the Safety Net Initiative.
  • Ensuring that the L.A. Care provider network is reflective of the languages and race/ethnicities of the members they serve.
  • Educating providers and community partners about health disparities.
  • Including equity and disparities metrics in clinical and quality outcomes dashboards.

Community Partnerships

  • Awarding sponsorships that address equity and social determinants of health.
  • Providing grants to organizations serving marginalized communities.
  • Collaborating with various partners in the community to discuss health disparities and develop community-level interventions.