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Community Supports - Homeless and Housing Support Services

L.A. Care Homeless and Housing Support Services (HHSS) provides two services to eligible members: housing navigation and tenancy services.

  • Housing Navigation — services to help homeless members with finding housing
  • Tenancy Services — services to help formerly homeless members with maintaining safe and stable tenancy once housing is secured 

Housing Navigation Services

  • Screening and Housing Assessment
  • Individualized Housing Support Plan (ISP) 
  • Locating Housing for Members 
  • Applications and Documentation Assistance  
  • Benefits Advocacy
  • Identifying and Securing Resources for Housing Expenses  
  • Landlord Related Services 

Tenancy Services

  • Individualized Housing Support Plan (ISP)
  • Housing Retention  

-Landlord Related Services
-Connection to Community Resources
-Benefits Advocacy
-Life Skills

View the Eligibility and Exclusion Criteria in our quick reference guide.

Referral Process

  1. HHSS provider identifies potentially eligible member for HHSS
  2. HHSS provider submits HHSS referral via SyntraNet or secure fax
  3. L.A. Care reviews HHSS referrals and will approve, deny, or request more information

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