California Children's Services

What is California Children's Services (CCS)?

CCS is a statewide program that treats children with certain physical limitations and chronic health conditions or diseases. CCS can authorize and pay for specific medical services and equipment provided by CCS-approved specialists. The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) manages the CCS program and it is administered as a partnership between county health departments and the DHCS.

What Medical Conditions Does CCS Cover?

Only certain conditions are covered by CCS. In general, CCS covers medical conditions that are physically disabling or require medical, surgical, or rehabilitative services. You can view a complete list on the L.A. County Department of Health website.

What Does CCS Offer?

If you think your patient might have a CCS-eligible medical condition, CCS may pay for or provide a medical evaluation to find out if your patient's condition is covered.

If your patient is eligible, CCS may pay for or provide:

  • Treatment, such as doctor services, hospital and surgical care, physical therapy and occupational therapy, laboratory tests, X-rays, orthopedic appliances and medical equipment.
  • Medical case management to help get your patient special doctors and care, referral to other agencies, or a Medical Therapy Program (MTP), which can provide physical therapy in public schools for children who are medically eligible.

Who Qualifies for CCS?

The program is open to anyone who meets the four eligibility requirements:

Age eligible: the child is under 21 years old.

Medically eligible: the child has a physical disability or medical condition that is covered by CCS. This is called having a "CCS eligible condition." CCS covers many serious health and physical conditions. After careful study of the information received from your child's doctors, the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health decides if your child has an eligible condition. Contact them if you have questions.

Residentially eligible: the child lives with a parent or guardian who lives in Los Angeles County. Each county in California has a CCS program, and if you move to another county, County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health will help you transfer to that county's CCS program.

Financially eligible: The child has

  • Medi-Cal or
  • Healthy Families or
  • The family's adjusted gross income is less than $40,000 (if a family earns less than $40,000 but 200% above the federal poverty level, they will need to apply to Medi-Cal and Healthy Families)
  • The family earns more on medical services for the child's CCS eligible condition without CCS.

Where Can I Get More Information About CCS?

For more information, please contact your contracted Participating Provider Group, L.A. Care's Utilization Management Department at 1-877-431-2273, or the L.A. County CCS office at 1-800-288-4584.

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