Facility Site Review Resources

The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) Policy Letter 14-004 requires a review of all primary care provider (PCP) sites upon entering our provider network and at minimum every three years thereafter.

The site review process is part of L.A. Care Health Plan's Credentialing and Quality Improvement programs that focuses on the capacity of the provider site to ensure and support the safe and effective provision of clinical services provided within the L.A. Care provider network.

The review includes a site review survey, medical record review survey, and physical accessibility review survey assessment.

In order to assist PCP offices and office staff to prepare for the survey, the following information needs to be provided to offices for review:

DHCS Site Review Survey
DHCS Medical Record Review Survey
DHCS Physical Accessibility Review Survey
FSR Audit Preparation Checklist
Facility Resource Request Form
Critical Element "Checklist" - Site Review Survey
MMCD Policy Letter 14-004
The Americans with Disabilities Act Checklist

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