Vendor Diversity

At L.A. Care, we promote an environment where every vendor has an equitable opportunity to compete on projects that L.A. Care is requesting proposals for. As such, L.A. Care strives to encourage diversity while maintaining competition in its procurement practices. Having a diverse vendor base helps to foster a level of innovation and creativity that is necessary to meet dynamic business needs.

If you are a vendor who has been certified by a third party agency in such diversity classifications as Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) or Social Enterprise (SE), we welcome you to share your information by completing the below Vendor Diversity Intake Form. Once we complete our assessment of the information that you provide, we will add your company to our diverse vendor database. We may reach out to you for further discussions if there is a business opportunity that fits with the products and/or services that your company provides. In addition, you can also visit our Requests for Proposals (RFP) page to view our current RFP(s) to determine if you wish to participate in any of them.

If you are currently not certified by any third party agency, please note that there are some free SBE and DVBE certifications provided by the State of California, Department of General Services (DGS) and Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro).  The Los Angeles County's Office of Small Business offers a free SE certification.  These certifications are managed by these agencies and are subject to their respective requirements.  In addition, as a SBE, DVBE or SE, you can apply to the Los Angeles County's Office of Small Business Preferential Program, which offers some benefits for being a County approved certified diverse vendor.  For more information on the certifications and the County's Preferential Program, please review the Related Links tile on this page.

Please note that L.A. Care's procurement practices are based on a competitive process. The addition of your company to our diverse vendor database is not a guarantee of any business opportunity, does not automatically qualify your company as an L.A. Care approved vendor, and does not obligate L.A. Care to solicit requests for proposals/quotations/information.

Vendor Diversity Intake Form