L.A. Care Signs Data Sharing Agreement to Improve the Health of Members

With This new Agreement, Health Data Follows the Member Wherever They Go in California

LOS ANGELES – L.A. Care Health Plan, the largest publicly operated health plan in the country, is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to join the state’s first-ever Data Exchange Framework. The California Health and Human Services Agency is launching the framework in 2024 to accelerate and expand the exchange of health information among health care entities, government agencies and social service programs.

The framework will ensure that, no matter where you are, your health data is accessible to the providers and social services agencies who are serving you.  

“The exchange of information in a timely and seamless manner is critical to ensuring our members live a healthy life,” said John Baackes, L.A. Care CEO. “This single data sharing agreement will help our providers better assess the needs of our members and that will result in better health outcomes.”

The Data Exchange Framework is not a piece of technology, but rather a set of rules for how organizations must share data. L.A. Care will work with its data-sharing partner, the Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services (LANES), to ensure member information is exchanged at the time of need, but is still protected and secure. 

“L.A. Care is committed to advancing health equity, and this framework goes a long way toward that end,” said Baackes. “It will fill the gaps in data in underserved communities. Filling those gaps will enhance whole person care.”

Healthcare organizations were asked to sign the agreement by Tuesday, January 31.