L.A. Care Commits $450,000 to Launch Innovative New Workforce Initiative to Advance Economic Mobility in Under-Resourced Communities

Many low-income individuals in under-resourced communities experience significant barriers in their efforts to improve their economic status over time. Low-income Americans are more likely to experience persistent unhealthy outcomes than those with a higher income. As a health plan serving some of the most vulnerable Angelenos, L.A. Care Health Plan is taking action. Today, L.A. Care is announcing it is committing an initial $450,000 to its new Advancing Economic Mobility (AEM) initiative. The funding will support nonprofit organizations that help to move underserved communities toward upward economic mobility.

”This initiative aims to serve as a catalyst for building generational wealth and balancing economic power across communities,” said John Baackes, L.A. Care CEO. “Individuals in economically secure households are more likely to seek preventive medical care, which will ultimately lead to better health outcomes.”

L.A. Care is supporting three nonprofits in this initial round of AEM grants. The organizations will provide training and placement in high-demand jobs with wages that meet L.A. County Living Wage Standards, creating economic secure households. Viable skills and experience are needed to obtain livable wage opportunities. These jobs help improve chances for individuals and families to have access to healthy food options, secure stable housing, and reside in environmentally stable communities.

The SoLa Foundation, an organization working to end intergenerational poverty in South L.A. through community development and access to education, is one of the first Advancing Economic Mobility initiative grantees.

“The SoLa Foundation is grateful and excited to enter into partnership with L.A. Care, an organization unafraid to pilot new ideas to improve public health through the lens of increasing economic security,” said Sherri Francois, SoLa Foundation Executive Director. “The funds provided by L.A. Care will go directly to closing the access gap for Black and brown youth who want to enter high wage tech careers in cyber security and IT. This partnership embodies SoLa's motto: If You Can See It, You Can Be It.”

The first three AEM grants will go to:

The Advancing Economic Mobility initiative aligns with L.A. Care’s commitment to advancing health equity, which is the fair and just opportunity for people to be as healthy as possible.