Caregivers Share Their Stories

It's estimated that around 44 million Americans are caregiving for friends and family members. When there are so many people in this role, why does it sometimes feel like you are alone?

Caregivers are able to talk to others about the good things we do, like preparing meals, doing laundry or driving to doctor appointments. Often we’ll hear how loving and generous we are being.

But there the things we feel like we can’t talk about. Like the times when you lost your temper and said things you didn’t mean. Or when you felt overwhelmed, but you never wanted your loved one to think they are a burden. 

There’s a lot of joy, humor and positive feelings in caregiving. But there’s also guilt, sadness and sometimes hopelessness. Caregiving is complicated.

This is why more and more caregivers are sharing their stories and their realities. There are good times and there are bad times. But you don’t have to go through the bad times alone. It’s most likely that someone else has gone through the same things and the same feelings. 

L.A. Care is sharing caregiver stories so that we can learn from each other and give each other support. Over time, we’ll continue to add stories here, and hope that you’ll find strength, inspiration and comfort as you carry on in your greatly appreciated caregiving role.