When you select L.A. Care Health Plan for Medi-Cal, you get the added benefit of choosing from the L.A. Care Medi-Cal Family of Plan Partners to be your health plan. This includes L.A. Care, Blue Shield Promise and Anthem.

Why is this significant? With plan partners in our network, L.A. Care expands your access to a broader range of doctors, hospitals and specialists to cater to your requirements. The L.A. Care Medi-Cal Family is here to help you manage your health with an extensive selection of thousands of doctors to pick from.

Our Medi-Cal Benefits

  • Behavioral Health
  • Disease Management
  • Doctor Visits
  • Emergency Care
  • Preventive Screenings
  • Dental Services (covered by Medi-Cal Dental)
  • Prescription Drugs (covered by Medi-Cal Rx)
  • Telehealth
  • Vision Services
  • Transportation
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Who Qualifies for Medi-Cal?

  • People who meet the income guidelines; and
  • People under the age of 26 or over 50, regardless of their immigration status
  • People ages 26-49 years will be eligible for Medi-Cal, regardless of immigration status

What Does Medi-Cal Cost?

Depending on income, some members may have no monthly costs or co-payments. Other members may have a share of cost.

How Do I Make My Choice?

1. Receive Your Enrollment Packet 
If your Medi-Cal application is approved by the County, you’ll receive an enrollment packet from Health Care Options. This packet includes a Medi-Cal Choice form for choosing your doctor and your health plan.

2. Choose Your Health Plan
If you live in Los Angeles County, the form gives you the option to choose L.A. Care as your primary health plan. If you sign up with L.A. Care directly, you also have the option to select coverage with a health plan partners in our Medi-Cal family. 

3. Select Your Doctor
Many people choose their health plan based upon a pre-existing relationship with a health plan or provider.

Apply Today

How to Apply for Medi-Cal

Need assistance? Call for more information or help with the application.

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L.A. Care Health Plan Medi-Cal
1-866-977-8875 (TTY 711)

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Blue Shield of California
Promise Health Plan Medi-Cal
1-800-605-2556 (TTY 711)

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Anthem Blue Cross Health Plan Medi-Cal
1-800-227-3238 (TTY 711)

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