L.A. Care Opens Grant Programs in $31 Million Safety Net Physician Initiative

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Next Phase in Elevating the Safety Net – an Initiative to Fight the Looming Physician Shortage

LOS ANGELES — L.A. Care, the nation's largest publicly-operated health plan, has begun accepting applications for grants under the Elevating the Safety Net Provider Recruitment Program, part of the health plan's larger Elevating the Safety Net initiative.

The L.A. Care Board of Governors committed up to $31 million dollars to the initiative, which aims to recruit highly-qualified primary care physicians into the Los Angeles County safety net — providers who care for a substantial share of Medi-Cal beneficiaries, the uninsured and other vulnerable patients.

Grants of up to $125,000 will be offered to contracted providers within L.A. Care's Medi-Cal network to recruit new primary care physicians into the safety net. The money can be used for salary subsidies, sign-on bonuses, and/or relocation costs. This will enable these providers to better compete with hospitals and practices outside the safety net, something that is getting even more difficult because of California's physician shortage crisis.

According to a U.C. San Francisco study, the state will be short nearly 9,000 primary care physicians by 2030. This investment will help ensure that our members continue to have access to quality care, both now and in the years to come.

--John Baackes
CEO, L.A. Care 

The Elevating the Safety Net Provider Recruitment Program will work in conjunction with the Elevating the Safety Net Physician Loan Repayment Program. Physicians who are recruited into the L.A. County safety net will be eligible for up to $5,000 a month for three years with continued service in the safety net. 

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